Industrial R.O. Water System

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Industrial R.O. Water System is specially designed for heavy metals removal from wastewater and process water and can be used in a wide range of industries including lead acid battery manufacturing, microelectronics manufacturing, metal finishing and more. 

This revolutionary water treatment technology is uniquely suited for industrial operations with challenging wastewater streams that involve metals and metal-containing compounds, with a particular focus on streams containing lead (Pb) or copper (Cu).

Product Characteristics

Product Name Industrial R.O. Water System
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity500L/H - 2000L/H
Application 1Electronic industry water: integrated circuit, silicon wafer, display tube and other electronic components.
Application 2Pharmaceutical industry water: large infusion, injection, tablets, biochemical products, equipment cleaning etc.
Application 3Chemical industry process water: chemical circulating water, chemical products manufacturing, etc.
Application 4Food industry water: purified drinking water, beverage, beer, alcohol, health products, etc.
Application 5Seawater and saline water desalination: islands, ships, marine drilling platforms, saline water areas.
Application 6Purified drinking water: house properties, communities, enterprises, etc.
Feature 1This system occupy little space, easy to operate, wide application range.
Feature 2Reverse osmosis desalting rate ≥99%, machine desalting rate ≥97%. 98% of organic matters, colloids and bacteria can be removed.
Feature 3Finished water under good electric conductivity, one stage ≤10μs/cm, two stage around 2-3μs/cm, EDI≤0.5μs/cm(based on raw water≤300μs/cm).
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