Genuine Steel Master Filter

RM 1,500.00

Advantages of POE(Point Of Entry) Genuine Steel Master Filter:

  1. More clean water is available for all household uses:including washing, showering, cooking, laundering, and drinking.

  2. It is Also extends the life cycle of the drinking water purifier.

  3. And typically have a long lifetime (3-5 years typically). Due to the long filter life, it is inexpensive way to have clean household water.


  • Fresh & clean water is available for all household uses, including washing, showering, cooking, laundry, and drinking.

  • Extended the life cycle of the drinking indoor water purifier.

  • Typically have a long lifetime of filters media (2 ~ 3 years typically).

  • And due to the long filter life, this filtration is an inexpensive way to have clean & fresh household water.

Filter Media & Function of Multi Media POE Filter

  1. Anthracite (USA) *CARBON

Anthracite absorption & high precision, can remove particles colloidal impurities, suspended solids, or removing iron & manganese. While trapping the sediments, being the primary function of the carbon, it leaves some chlorine in the water

  1. Zeolite Plus (0.45mm) (Australia)

Zeolite has a usual crystalline structure and with greater absorbing power, meanwhile also removes suspended solid soluble heavy metals & soluble ammonium.

  1. Silica Sand (0.45mm)

Further trapping of every fine sediment at the surface of fine silicon sand.

  1. Silica Sand (1.2 mm)

Removes dirt and prevent diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bihdryia & Amoeba.

  1. Silica Sand (2.4 mm)

Most idea use in domestic & industrial water filtration due to high density and high level of hardness and toughness. Its is efficient for removing particles, sediment, mud and suspended solids in the water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter ( 10" inches) x Height ( 42" inches)

  • Valve size: ¾”

  • Working pressure: Max 10 Bar

  • Working Temperature: 2 ~ 50 Degree Celsius

  • Flow Rate: 1900 ~ 2200 liter per min

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